Upgrading NSX-T 3.1.2 Data Center

After you finish the prerequisites for upgrading, your next step is to update the upgrade coordinator to initiate the upgrade process.

Trending support issues in VMware NSX (2131154) – This article provides information regarding trending issues and important Knowledge Base articles regarding VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.x and VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.x.

NSX-T 3.1.2 – Upgrade the Upgrade Coordinator – 1/4

The upgrade coordinator runs in the NSX Manager. It is a self-contained web application that orchestrates the upgrade process of hosts, NSX Edge cluster, NSX Controller cluster, and Management plane.

NSX-T 3.1.2 – Upgrade NSX Edge Cluster – 2/4

After the upgrade coordinator has been upgraded, based on your input, the upgrade coordinator updates the NSX Edge cluster, hosts, and the Management plane. Edge upgrade unit groups consist of NSX Edge nodes that are part of the same NSX Edge cluster. You can reorder Edge upgrade unit groups and enable or disable an Edge upgrade unit group from the upgrade sequence.

NSX-T 3.1.2 – Configuring and Upgrading Hosts 3/4

You can upgrade your hosts using the upgrade coordinator.

NSX-T 3.1.2 – Upgrade Management Plane – 4/4

The upgrade sequence upgrades the Management Plane at the end. When the Management Plane upgrade is in progress, avoid any configuration changes from any of the nodes.

NSX-T Data Center Upgrade Checklist
Review the known upgrade problems and workaround documented in the NSX-T Data Center release notes.See the NSX-T Data Center Release Notes.
Follow the system configuration requirements and prepare your infrastructure.See the system requirements section of the NSX-T Data Center Installation Guide.
Evaluate the operational impact of the upgrade.See Operational Impact of the NSX-T Data Center Upgrade.
Upgrade your supported hypervisor.See Upgrading Your Host OS.
If you have an earlier version of NSX Intelligence installed, upgrade the NSX Intelligence appliance first.See the Installing and Upgrading VMware NSX Intelligence documentation at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-Intelligence/index.html for more information.
Complete the Pre-Upgrade Tasks.See Pre-Upgrade Tasks.
Verify that the NSX-T Data Center environment is in a healthy state.See Verify the Current State of NSX-T Data Center.
Download the latest NSX-T Data Center upgrade bundle.See Download the NSX-T Data Center Upgrade Bundle.
If you are using NSX Cloud for your public cloud workload VMs, upgrade NSX Cloud components.See Upgrading NSX Cloud Components.
Upgrade your upgrade coordinator.See Upgrade the Upgrade Coordinator.
Upgrade the NSX Edge cluster.See Upgrade NSX Edge Cluster.
Upgrade the hosts.See Configuring and Upgrading Hosts .
Upgrade the Management plane.See Upgrade Management Plane.
Post-upgrade tasks.See Verify the Upgrade.
Troubleshoot upgrade errors.See Troubleshooting Upgrade Failures.

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