A New Chapter for VMware: Spin‑Off from Dell…

A New Chapter for VMware: Spin‑Off from Dell…

VMware and Dell Technologies today announced the completion of the spin-off of VMware from Dell Technologies. The spin-off from Dell Technologies provides VMware increased freedom to execute its multi-cloud strategy, a simplified capital structure and governance model, and additional operational and financial flexibility

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Time for Change with Kit Colbert

Time for Change with Kit Colbert

Time for Change with Kit Colbert

Change is inevitable, it’s the only constant we have in life. Growth is optional. It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory~ W Edwards Demming. To be able to handle change is the great differentiator. A company/person with the agility to see the change coming can adapt the quickest, one that has the change impact thrust upon it must respond, and that which can’t adapt will not survive. Change happens gradually, gradually – then suddenly. There is always a catalyst for change. Sometimes it’s a nice to have business need, other times it’s a hurricane that wipes out your entire business. The catalyst only determines the speed. Preparedness is essential in either situation. In this series, Time for Change, Kit Colbert talks…Read More

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Updates to Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance for…

Updates to Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance for vSphere 7.0 Update 3

Updates to Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance for…

✔️Corrected vSphere 7.0 Update 3 Release Note URLs 🔸vCenter:https://t.co/pQxSj5ltxk 🔹ESXihttps://t.co/qrKrtmo87c https://t.co/oYMMWVWmWy — William Lam (@lamw) October 5, 2021 vSphere 7.0 Update 3 officially GA’ed this morning and I am happy to share a quick that my Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance (OVA and Content Library) has also been updated to support the latest release. In addition, […]

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Introducing VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Introducing VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Today is a big day for the Tanzu team at VMware. It’s a day we’ve long been looking forward to, and a day that we’d like to celebrate with you. Just this morning we released VMware Tanzu Community Edition, a freely available, community-supported, open source distribution of VMware Tanzu that […]

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ESXi 7 Boot Media Considerations and VMware…

ESXi 7 Boot Media Considerations and VMware…

Historically, SD cards or USB devices have been chosen to free up device bays and lower the cost of installing ESXi hosts. Such devices, however, have lower endurance and exhibit reliability and issues over time. SD cards and USB drives may also exhibit performance issues and may not tolerate […]

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VMworld 2021 – My Top 10 Sessions

Well here we are again – another VMworld has come around. As most of you will know, VMworld 2021 is going to be fully virtual event. Here are My Top 10 Sessions:

Niels Hagoort

10 things You Need to Know About Project Monterey [MCL1833

Curious how Project Monterey and SmartNICs will redefine the data center for VMware ESXi hosts and bare-metal systems?

  • Learn the 10 things you need to know about Project Monterey to accelerate your business
  • Find out how Project Monterey helps to increase performance, security, and manageability by offloading to a DPU
  • Session includes demo of the overall architecture and use cases

Automate and Improve Day 2 Operations with vSphere Lifecycle Manager [MCL1274

Reducing the amount of time required to update and upgrade your systems is imperative as the number of systems and environments grow

  • Learn the features and capabilities of vSphere Lifecycle Manager, including newly added support for NSX-T and Tanzu
  • Information and examples to help you get started further automating vSphere Lifecycle Manager with PowerCLI
  • Creating consistent vSphere infrastructures has never been easier with vLCM!

William Lam

App Modernization Deep Dive with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Tanzu [MCL2290

Is app modernization top of mind for your business? You’re not alone, but many are struggling to begin

  • Learn to leverage Tanzu + VMware Cloud on AWS to discover, analyze and map dependencies
  • How to convert to containers and ultimately deploy a modernized app on an API driven infrastructure
  • Realize the TCO benefits that come with VMware Cloud on AWS

Unleashing the Power of Event-Driven Automation [VI2622

Got VEBA? The VMware Event Broker Appliance has come a long way since its release 3 years ago

  • Reflect on key milestones achieved by our great community over the past years
  • Explore real-world use cases and share how users have leveraged VEBA
  • Join and be a part of the event-driven revolution!

Martijn Smit

A Guide to Application Migration Nirvana [MCL1264]

Ever experience application migration paralysis? Fear not!

  • We spill the beans on how our customers solved their migration headaches
  • See technical demos of vRealize Network Insight, vRealize Operations and VMware HCX
  • Find out how to migrate apps to VMWonAWS, Azure VMware Solution, and Google Cloud VMware Engine

Automated Problem Resolution in Modern Networks [NET2160]

Legacy network operations & management solutions have been primarily reactive. Enter the self-healing network

  • Learn how VMware’s self-healing network capabilities solve problems straight away using telemetry-driven and event-driven automation
  • Get an overview of VMware’s networking portfolio and approach to self-healing networks in the data center, branch, and cloud
  • Demo-centric session featuring a special guest from Intel!

Raymond de Jong

Simplify Network Consumption and Automation for Day 1 and Day 2 Operations [NET2185]

Apps are the lifeblood of the business in today’s digital economy. Can you envision seamless connectivity between your apps & networking technologies?

  • Learn why apps are the lifeblood of the business in today’s digital economy
  • See how seamless connectivity between your apps and networking technologies for end-to-end network configuration, compliance and automation with a single API call can be possible
  • Find out how to simplify network consumption with network automation for Day 1 and Day 2 operations

Keith Lee

Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds [APP1187]

Managing Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds can be difficult. Not with Tanzu Mission Control.

  • Learn how to centrally operate and manage Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds with Tanzu Mission Control
  • Also hear about policy management, data protection, security and configuration inspections
  • Jump-start and scale your modern apps practice across the enterprise

Eric Shanks

Meet the Expert: Tanzu Kubernetes Grid with Tom Schwaller [APP2436]

Questions on how VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid works? Our experts are here for you!

  • Get the answers to all of your VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid questions
  • Open, informal roundtable session with VMware experts
  • Get master insights to ensure you get the best Kubernetes experience possible

Chris McCain

Enterprise Multi-Cloud Security [SEC2445]

With the expansion of VMware’s security portfolio, you may be wondering how all of the pieces fit together into a cohesive multi-cloud enterprise design

  • Learn about VMware’s expanding security portfolio and how all the tools fit together
  • See how cyberattacks occur, including a look into the most famous attack of all time!
  • Gain a better understanding of how to design a policy-driven, defense-in-depth strategy for the modern enterprise