NSX-T 3.1.2 – Upgrade the Upgrade Coordinator – 1/4

TOC – Upgrade steps


Verify that the upgrade bundle is available. See Download the NSX-T Data Center Upgrade Bundle.


In the NSX Manager CLI, verify that the NSX-T Data Center services are running.
tanzu-nsx> get service install-upgrad
Wed May 19 2021 UTC 18:58:00.174
Service name: install-upgrade
Service state: running
Enabled on:
System > Upgrade / Proceed to Upgrade / Upload / Upgrade
  • From your browser, log in an NSX Manager
  • Select System > Upgrade from the navigation panel.
  • Click Proceed to Upgrade.
    • Navigate to the upgrade bundle .mub file.
  • Click Upload.
  • Click Upgrade to upgrade the upgrade coordinator.
  • Read and accept the EULA terms.
Accept the notification to upgrade the upgrade coordinator.
  • Click to Yes – upgrade coordinator.
  • Click Run Pre-Checks to verify that all the NSX-T Data Center components are ready for upgrade.

  • (Optional) Check Click Pre Check Status

Author: Daniel Micanek

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