New ESXCLI Commands in vSphere 8.0

In ESXi 8 / vSphere 8.0 the command line interface esxcli has been extended with new features.

Here is list with new and extended namespaces:

NEW ESXi 8.0 ESXCLI Command Reference

The ESXCLI command set allows you to run common system administration commands against vSphere systems from an administration server of your choice. The actual list of commands depends on the system that you are running on. Run esxcli --help for a list of commands on your system.
daemon entitlementaddAdd Partner REST entitlements to the partner user.1
daemon entitlementlistList the installed DSDK built daemons.1
daemon entitlementremoveRemove Partner REST entitlments from the partner user.1
hardware devicecomponentlistList all device components on this host.1
network ip hostsaddAdd association of IP addresses with host names.1
network ip hostslistList the user specified associations of IP addresses with host names.1
network ip hostsremoveRemove association of IP addresses with host names.1
nvme device configlistList the configurable parameters for this plugin1
nvme device configsetSet the plugin's parameter1
nvme device loggetGet NVMe log page1
nvme device log persistenteventgetGet NVMe persistent event log1
nvme device log telemetry controllergetGet NVMe telemetry controller-initiated data1
nvme device log telemetry hostgetGet NVMe telemetry host-initiated data1
storage core nvme devicelistList the NVMe devices currently registered with the PSA.1
storage core nvme pathlistList all the NVMe paths on the system.1
storage core scsi devicelistList the SCSI devices currently registered with the PSA.1
storage core scsi pathlistList all the SCSI paths on the system.1
storage osdatacreateCreate an OSData partition on a disk.1
storage vvol statsaddAdd entity for stats tracking1
storage vvol statsdisableDisable stats for complete namespace1
storage vvol statsenableEnable stats for complete namespace1
storage vvol statsgetGet stats for given stats namespace1
storage vvol statslistList all supported stats1
storage vvol statsremoveRemove tracked entity1
storage vvol statsresetReset stats for given namespace1
storage vvol vmstatsgetGet the VVol information and statistics for a specific virtual machine.1
system health reportgetDisplays one or more health reports1
system health reportlistList all the health reports currently generated.1
system ntp statsgetReport operational state of Network Time Protocol Daemon1
system security keypersistencedisableDisable key persistence daemon.1
system security keypersistenceenableEnable key persistence daemon.1
system settings encryptiongetGet the encryption mode and policy.1
system settings encryption recoverylistList recovery keys.1
system settings encryption recoveryrotateRotate the recover key.1
system settings encryptionsetSet the encryption mode and policy.1
system settings gueststore repositorygetGet GuestStore repository.1
system settings gueststore repositorysetSet or clear GuestStore repository.1
system syslog config logfilteraddAdd a log filter.1
system syslog config logfiltergetShow the current log filter configuration values.1
system syslog config logfilterlistShow the added log filters.1
system syslog config logfilterremoveRemove a log filter.1
system syslog config logfiltersetSet log filtering configuration options.1
vsan hardware vcgaddMap unidentified vSAN hardware device with VCG ID.1
vsan hardware vcggetGet the vSAN VCG ID for a vSAN hardware device. Output is VCG ID while "N/A" means device ID is not mapped.1
vsan storagepooladdAdd physical disk for vSAN usage.1
vsan storagepoollistList vSAN storage pool configuration.1
vsan storagepoolmountMount vSAN disk from storage pool.1
vsan storagepoolrebuildRebuild vSAN storage pool disks.1
vsan storagepoolremoveRemove physical disk from storage pool usage. Exactly one of --disk or --uuid param is required.1
vsan storagepoolunmountUnmount vSAN disk from storage pool.1

Author: Daniel Micanek

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