vSphere 6 Update Manager -> vSphere 7 Lifecycle Manager : upgrade ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7

vSphere Update Manager – vSphere 6

In vSphere 6 we can use various methods and tools to deploy ESXi hosts and maintain their software lifecycle.

To deploy and boot an ESXi host, you can use an ESXi installer image or VMware vSphere® Auto Deploy™. The availability of choice options results in two different underlying ESXi platforms:

  • Using vSphere Auto Deploy – stateless mode
  • Using an installer ESXi image – statefull mode

vSphere Lifecycle Manager Images: A Single Platform, Single Tool, Single Workflow

By introducing the concept of images, vSphere Lifecycle Manager provides a unified platform for ESXi lifecycle management.
You can use vSphere Lifecycle Manager for stateful hosts only, but starting with vSphere 7.0, you can convert the Auto Deploy-based stateless hosts into stateful hosts, which you can add to clusters that you manage with vSphere Lifecycle Manager images.

How to Upgrade ESXi 6.7 to 7 with vSphere Lifecycle Manager?

After upgrade VCSA 7.0, We prepare upgrade for ESXi 6.7. It is simular logic like in vSphere Update Manager:

IMPORT ISO – We can upload ISO for example VMware-VMvisor-Installer-7.0.0-15843807.x86_64.iso
Step 1 of 2 – Uploading file to server
Step 2 of 2 – Adding to repository
After ISO upload We could check ISO image context
Next step is Create Baseline
Create Baseline – for ISO image
Select uploaded ISO image
Check summary
On Targer Cluster We attach our Baseline
Select ESXi 7 Baseline
– Check Compliance
– We can see Non-compliant for 3x ESXi host
REMEDIATE will start upgrade dialoge
It is necessary accept EULA
REMEDIATE will start ESXi 7 upgrade
In Recent Task We caould chek progress.
We can check ESXi 7.0 upgrade result.

Author: Daniel Micanek

Senior Service Architect, SAP Platform Services Team at TietoEVRY | vExpert ⭐⭐ | vExpert NSX | VCIX-DCV | VCAP-NV Design | VCAP-DCV Design+Deploy | VCP-DCV/NV/CMA | NCIE-DP | OCP | Azure Solutions Architect | Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)