Updated Plan for CPU Support Discontinuation In Future Major vSphere Releases after 7.0 (82794)

During instalation vSphere 7.0 Update 2 and later we can see new message for Haswell and Broadwell CPUs.

This is the warning message shown by the ESX installer:

CPU_SUPPORT_WARNING: The CPUs in this host may not be supported in future ESXi releases. Please plan accordingly.
Summary for warnings
  • vSphere 7.0
    • onwards for Intel Sandy Bridge, Intel Ivy Bridge-DT CPUs and AMD Bulldozer CPUs.
  • Sphere 7.0 Update 2 and later
    • onwards for Intel Haswell,Broadwell, Avoton CPUs and AMD Piledriver CPUs

I wish we could solve this in the future major release with – How to fix? The CPU in this host is not supported by ESXi 7.0.0. -> allowLegacyCPU=True

Table 1: VMware vSphere Planned Intel CPU Support Discontinuation List

VCG CPU Series NameCPU InfoRaw CPUIDsCode Name
Intel Xeon E3-1200 Series6.2A0x000206A0Intel Xeon E3 (Sandy Bridge)
Intel Xeon E3-1100 Series6.2A0x000206A0Intel Xeon E3 (Sandy Bridge)
Intel Xeon E5-1600 Series6.2D0x000206D0SandyBridge-EP WS
Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series6.2D0x000206D0SandyBridge-EP 2S
Intel Xeon E5-1400 Series6.2D0x000206D0SandyBridge-EN
Intel Xeon E5-4600 Series6.2D0x000206D0SandyBridge-EP 4S
Intel Xeon E5-2400 Series6.2D0x000206D0SandyBridge-EN
Intel i7-3600-QE6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT
Intel Xeon E3-1200-v2 Series6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT
Intel i7-3500-LE/UE6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT
Intel i3-3200 Series6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT
Intel Pentium B925C6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT- Gladden
Intel Xeon E3-1100-C-v2 Series6.3A0x000306A0IvyBridge-DT- Gladden
Intel Xeon E5-1600-v2 Series6.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge EP
Intel Xeon E5-2600-v2 Series6.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge EP
Intel Xeon E5-2400-v2 Series6.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge-EN
Intel Xeon E5-1400-v2 Series6.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge-EN
Intel Xeon E5-4600-v2 Series6.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge-EP 4S
Intel Xeon E7-8800/4800/2800-v26.3E0x000306E0IvyBridge-EX
Intel i7-4700-EQ Series6.3C0x000306C0Haswell-DT
Intel Xeon E3-1200-v3 Series6.3C0x000306C0Haswell-DT
Intel i5-4500-TE Series6.3C0x000306C0Haswell-DT
Intel i3-4300 Series6.3C0x000306C0Haswell-DT
Intel Xeon E5-1600-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Haswell-EP
Intel Xeon E5-2600-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Haswell-EP
Intel Xeon E5-1400-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Haswell-EN
Intel Xeon E5-2400-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Haswell-EN
Intel Xeon E5-4600-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Haswell-EP
Intel Xeon E7-8800/4800-v3 Series6.3F0x000306F0Intel Haswell-EX
Intel Xeon E3-1200-v4 Series6.470x00040670Broadwell-DT
Intel Core i7-5700EQ6.470x00040670Broadwell-H
Intel Atom C2700 Series6.4D0x000406D0Intel Avoton 8c
Intel Atom C2300 Series6.4D0x000406D0Intel Avoton 2c
Intel Atom C2500 Series6.4D0x000406D0Intel Avoton 4c

Table 2: VMware vSphere Planned AMD CPU Support Discontinuation List

VCG CPU Series NameCPU InfoRaw CPUIDsCode Name
AMD Opteron 6200 Series15.010x00600F10Interlagos BullDozer G34
AMD Opteron 4200 Series15.010x00600F10Valencia BullDozer C32
AMD Opteron 3200 Series15.010x00600F10Zurich AM3
AMD Opteron 4300 Series15.020x00600F20Piledriver-C32 (seoul)
AMD Opteron 3300 Series15.020x00600F20Piledriver-AM3 (Dehli)
AMD Opteron 6300 Series15.020x00600F20PileDriver-G34 (Abu Dhabi)
AMD Opteron X2250 Series15.300x00630F00Steamroller-Berlin
AMD Opteron X1250 Series15.300x00630F00Steamroller-Berlin
AMD Opteron X1100 Series16.000x00700F00Kyoto
AMD Opteron X2100 Series16.000x00700F00Kyoto


Author: Daniel Micanek

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