Automating the creation of NSX-T “Disconnected”…

Automating the creation of NSX-T “Disconnected” Segments for DR testing on VMware Cloud on AWS

Automating the creation of NSX-T “Disconnected”…

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Disaster Avoidance (DA) on VMware Cloud on AWS is still one of the most popular use case amongst our customers, just second to Datacenter Migration and Evacuation. The VMware Site Recovery service makes it extremely easy and cost effective for customers to protect their critical workloads without having to worry about […]

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How to reset the Update Manager Database VCSA 6.5 or 6.7

After upgrading vCSA from 6.5 to 6.7, I reached error “Scan for Updates” .

Error:There are errors during the scan operation. Check the events and log files for details.

Cautions: It is a destrictive task. Ensure you have a backup or snapshots.

  • Stop the VMware Update Manager Service:

service-control --stop vmware-updatemgr 

  • Run the following command to reset the VMware Update Manager Database:

vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 : /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/updatemgr-util reset-db
vCenter Server Appliance 6.7: /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/ reset-db

  • Run the following Command to delete the contents of the VMware Update Manager Patch Store

rm -rf /storage/updatemgr/patch-store/* 

  • Start the VMware Update Manager Service:

service-control --start vmware-updatemgr

Proactive HA is working in VCSA 6.7 with Cisco UCS Manager Plugin for VMware vSphere HTML Client (beta Version 3.0(2))

Cisco has released the 3.0(2) beta version of the the Cisco UCS Manager VMware vSphere HTML client plugin. These version is working with vSphere 6.7. It’s currently running and enabled on 9 different clusters – 290 hosts. It works great so far.

Here are the new and changed features in Release3.0(2):

  • Included defect fixes
  • Added a new fault (F1706)to the Cisco UCS Provider failure conditions list
  • Added support for proactive High Availability for more than 100 hosts in vCenter

It is great to combine it with new Cisco UCS 4.1.1 because of Intel Post Package Repair (PPR).

  • Intel Post Package Repair (PPR) uses additional spare capacity within the DDR4 DRAM to remap and replace faulty cell areas detected during system boot time. Remapping is permanent and persists through power-down and reboot.
  • Newer memories, such as double data ram version 4 (DDR4) include so-called post-package repair (PPR) capabilities. PPR capabilities enable a compatible memory controller to remap accesses from a faulty row of a memory module to a spare row of the memory module that is not faulty.
    • Hard-PPR permanently remaps accesses from a designated faulty row to a designated spare row. A Hard-PPR row remapping survives power cycles.
    • Soft-PPR remapping temporarily maps accesses from a faulty row to a designated spare row. A Soft-PPR row remapping will survive a “warm” reboot,but does not survive a powercycle.
  • You can enabled it in BIOS policy / Memory RAS configuration – Select PPR type configuration – Hard PPR

  • To support “Alert F1706 – ADDDC Memory RAS Problem” is necessary
    ADDDC Sparing—System reliability is optimized by holding memory in reserve so that it can be used in case other DIMMs fail. This mode provides some memory redundancy, but does not provide as much redundancy as mirroring.
  • Cisco recommends upgrading to 4.0(4c) or later to expand memory fault coverage. Beginning with 4.0(4c) an additional RAS feature, Adaptive Double Device Data Correction (ADDDC Sparing) is available. It will be enabled and configured as “Platform Default” for Memory RAS configuration.

New KB articles published for the week ending…

New KB articles published for the week ending 1st March,2020

New KB articles published for the week ending…

VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] Unable to see the VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter inventory with Hybrid Linked Mode Published Date:27-02-2020 [VMC on AWS] Unable to create HCX Interconnect and Network Extension tunnels when on-prem and cloud are communicating over VPN Published Date:25-02-2020 [VMC on AWS] The actions list is empty in “New The post New KB articles published for the week ending 1st March,2020 appeared first on VMware Support Insider.

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