vCenter Appliance (VCSA) root Partition full

Symptons: VCSA cannot provide an update or Unable to connect to the vCenter Server as services are not started.

Validate filesystem

Check disk space

root@vcsa [ /var/spool/clientmqueue ]# df -h
 Filesystem                                     Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
 /dev/sda3                                       11G  8.2G  1.9G  82% /


root@vcsa [ ~ ]# df -i
 Filesystem                   Inodes IUsed    IFree IUse% Mounted on
 /dev/sda3                     712704 97100   615604   14% /

Problem is with disk space.

How to resize partition

It is possible to increase the disk space of a specific VMDK , according KB. But After some time You could have the same issues.

How to cleanup partition

It is necessary find where is a problem:

root@vcsa [ ~ ]# cd /var
root@vcsa [ /var ]# du -sh *
 2.1G    log
 5.2G    spool


Problem with clientmqueue directory could be related with config for SMTP relay. It is possible to cleanup easily:

find /var/spool/clientmqueue -name "*" -delete


Problem with audit.log is describe in KB. Size of audit.log file is very large and /var/log/audit folder consumes majority of the space.

root@vcsa [ /var/log/audit ]# ls -l
 total 411276
 -rw------- 1 root root 420973104 Mar 31 00:53 audit.log
 truncate -s 0 audit.log

Author: Daniel Micanek

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