Remove NSX-T Password Expiration

By default, the administrative password for the NSX Manager and NSX Edge appliances expires after 90 days. However, you can reset the expiration period after initial installation and configuration.

If the password expires, you will be unable to log in and manage components. Additionally, any task or API call that requires the administrative password to execute will fail. If your password expires, see Knowledge Base article 70691 NSX-T admin password expired.

  • Use a secure program to connect to the NSX CLI console.
  • Reset the expiration period. You can set the expiration period for between 1 and 9999 days.
nsx-mgrx> set user admin password-expiration <1 - 9999>
  • (Optional) You can disable password expiry so the a password never expires. And check condigured expiration.
nsx-mgrx> clear user admin password-expiration
nsx-mgrx> clear user root password-expiration
nsx-mgrx> clear user audit password-expiration

nsx-mgrx> get user admin password-expiration
Password expiration not configured for this user

Author: Daniel Micanek

Senior Service Architect, SAP Platform Services Team at TietoEVRY | vExpert ⭐⭐ | vExpert NSX | VCIX-DCV | VCAP-NV Design | VCAP-DCV Design+Deploy | VCP-DCV/NV/CMA | NCIE-DP | OCP | Azure Solutions Architect | Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)