NSX-T Edge design guide for Cisco UCS

How to design NSX-T Edge inside Cisco UCS? I can’t find it inside Cisco Design Guide. But I find usefull topology inside Dell EMC VxBlock™ Systems, VMware® NSX-T Reference Design  and NSX-T 3.0 Edge Design Step-by-Step UI workflow. Thanks DELL and VMware …

VMware® NSX-T Reference Design

  • VDS Design update – New capability of deploying NSX on top of VDS with NSX
  • VSAN Baseline Recommendation for Management and Edge Components
  • VRF Based Routing and other enhancements
  • Updated security functionality
  • Design changes that goes with VDS with NSX
  • Performance updates

NSX-T 3.0 Edge Design Step-by-Step UI workflow

This document is an informal document that walks through the step-by-step deployment and configuration workflow for NSX-T Edge Single N-VDS Multi-TEP design.  This document uses NSX-T 3.0 UI to show the workflow, which is broken down into following 3 sub-workflows:

  1. Deploy and configure the Edge node (VM & BM) with Single-NVDS Multi-TEP.
  2. Preparing NSX-T for Layer 2 External (North-South) connectivity.
  3. Preparing NSX-T for Layer 3 External (North-South) connectivity.

NSX-T Design with EDGE VM

  • Under Teamings – Add 2 Teaming Policies: one with Active Uplink as “uplink-1” and other with “uplink-2”.
  • Make a note of the policy name used, as we would be using this in the next section. In this example they are “PIN-TO-TOR-LEFT” and “PIN-TO-TOR-RIGHT”.

How to design NSX-T Edge inside Cisco UCS?

Cisco Fabric Interconnect using Port Chanel. You need high bandwith for NSX-T Edge load.

C220 M5 could solved it.

The edge node physical NIC definition includes the following

  • VMNIC0 and VMNIC1: Cisco VIC 1457
  • VMNIC2 and VMNIC3: Intel XXV710 adapter 1 (TEP and Overlay)
  • VMNIC4 and VMNIC4: Intel XXV710 adapter 2 (N/S BGP Peering)
NSX-T transport nodes with Cisco UCS C220 M5
Logical topology of the physical edge host

Or for PoC or Lab – Uplink Eth Interfaces

For PoC od HomeLAB We could use Uplink Eth Interfaces and create vNIC template linked to these uplink.


Author: Daniel Micanek

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