Cisco UCS Manager Plugin for VMware vSphere HTML Client (Version 3.0(6))

Cisco has released the 3.0(6) version of the Cisco UCS Manager VMware vSphere HTML client plugin. The UCS Manager vSphere HTML client plugin enables a virtualization administrator to view, manage, and monitor the Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The plugin provides a physical view of the UCS hardware inventory on the HTML client.

I notify BUG “Host not going into monitoring state vCenter restart”. Thank You for fix.

Release 3.0(6)

Here are the new features in Release 3.0(6):

  • Custom fault addition for proactive HA monitoring
  • Resolved host not going into monitoring state vCenter restart
  • Included defect fixes

VMware vSphere HTML Client Releases

Cisco UCS Manager plug-in is compatible with the following vSphere HTML Client releases:

VMware vSphere HTML Client VersionCisco UCS Manager Plugin for VMware vSphere Version
6.73.0(1), 3.0(2), 3.0(3), 3.0(4), 3.0(5), 3.0(6)
7.03.0(4), 3.0(5), 3.0(6)
7.0u1, 7.0u23.0(5), 3.0(6)

VMware vSphere HTML Client Version 7.0u3 is not supported.
More info here.

Author: Daniel Micanek

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